Staten Island’s Shores – Past, Present & Future

in North Shore Staten Island

'Chemical Lane' – photo: Nathan Kensinger

Perusing Nathan Kensinger‘s photographs of Staten Island might be enough to convince anyone, particularly the entire world besides Staten Island, that New York City’s ‘other’ borough is fated for eternal stepchild status. Check out his images of the long-defunct North Shore train line, Rossville’s ‘Chemical Lane’ and the sprawling no-entry zone of Bloomfield. Coupled with the history lessons he serves up in his photo essays (seriously, the guy does his homework), the picture on offer is a stark one indeed.

Yet Mr. Kensinger also notes that (besides some unusual odors) the unlikely specter of change hangs in the air up and down the Arthur Kill and along the Kill Van Kull. Thirty-three acres of Rossville waterfront are being slated for redevelopment in the Working West Shore 2030 project. Along the North Shore there has been talk of reactivating the North Shore Rail Line, while in our own front yard there is also the vaguely familiar-sounding North Shore 2030. And we here at Door to Door are throwing our own hat into the ring with our plan for the Special Kill Van Kull Maritime Arts District.

As clearly, brutally evidenced by Mr. Kensinger’s work, Staten Island has seen more than her share of abuse and neglect. Fortunately, there are those who see the potential she still holds. We are excited to count ourselves among them.

Thank you Nathan Kensinger for allowing us to share your work.

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