Staten Island Green Apartments

in Green Initiatives

Staten Island Green ApartmentsStaten Island is a great place to live and raise a family. Being a rather busy place though, you have to stop and think about if the way things are done is impacting the environment. Staten Island green apartments are available and make it easy for you to help the environment with little to no effort on your part.

What is a green apartment? For those of you that aren’t up to speed on what is going on in the world with regard to the environment, it is not an apartment building that is painted all green. A green apartment is one that has been built or upgraded to be the most environmentally friendly building it can be.

A green apartment will have things like the top of the line insulation so that your heating and cooling energy is efficient. It should have the type of shower heads that conserve water. Doors and windows should have the proper sealing and be made of material that prevents the loss of heat. Recycling should be promoted in the building.

There are things you can do as well to be green in your apartment. Making sure that your doors and windows are closed and keeping your air filter clean will help conserve energy. If you have a pet, make sure that you clean up their messes with biodegradable material. If you have ceiling fans in your apartment, use them. Only run a dishwasher or washing machine if you are running a full load to conserve water.

There are a lot of things that will cost us nothing that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve the environment for our children and grandchildren. Living in a green apartment just makes it easier for us to do these things with no thought at all.

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