Renting Green Apartments in New York

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Renting Green Apartments In New YorkEveryone is talking about the environment. You can hardly go anywhere or even turn on a television or radio without hearing something about the environment, carbon footprints and green living. Ok, so we hear about it all the time. Do we ever do anything about it? Have you jumped on the environmental bandwagon yet? If not, why not? Come on, everyone is doing it. Even apartment buildings in New York City are doing it now. That’s right! I just said there are New York green apartments.

So what is a green apartment exactly? Don’t worry, if you do not like the color green, the apartment is not painted green inside and out. A green apartment means that the apartment building has been constructed with the environment in mind. Things like insulation have been upgraded to ensure that heating and cooling energy is not wasted through the loss of the air through faulty insulation. It also means that things like recycling are encouraged as well as the use of biodegradable bags for picking up after your animals messes may be required if not provided. They will more than likely have shower heads that are the water conserving type. There may be solar panels on the roof for more efficient and cleaner energy production. There might even be a garden on the roof or on a terrace to promote healthy and fresher air produced by the plants.

You can do your part too by doing small things like using a ceiling fan, recycling or making sure that all your windows and doors stay shut when the heating or cooling is on.

No one can save the planet all by themselves, it will take everyone doing there share. It could be though that one person will make the difference. Will that one person be you?

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