Property Management

You have been wrong enough to be right with just one choice… “DOORtoDOORrealty”

DOORtoDOOR Property Managment is Staten Island’s premier boutique realty management company.  We focus on our clients investment objectives throughout the real estate investment process. DOORtoDOOR has built a resource of relationships with its clients, investors, brokers and lenders. These relationships help leverage all members of the family tree. All properties start as an investment, add tenants with focus to quality of life and you have a clean, well kept property. That renders income with capital appreciation.


  • Advertise/Market vacant apartments
  • Show properties.
  • Tenant screening.
  • Prepare and execute all leases.


  • Collect all rents.
  • Pay monthly bills including property taxes, water/sewer, heating, electricity and insurance.
  • Evaluating cost effective heating, mechanical systems, water conservation and efficiency through building.
  • Provide owner with online access to detailed monthly income and expense reports.

Site Management:

  • Site safety inspections
  • Maintaining clean and orderly properties: Hallways, stairs, basements/cellars and alleyways
  • Report, advise and implement safety and quality of life solutions for tenants throughout property.


  • Our state-of-the-art client, tenant and management company software keeps all parties integrated.
  • Vacancies are automatically advertised on apartments available websites.
  • Tenant portal where tenants can submit work orders, check their account balance and pay their rent.

Risk Management and Insurance:

  • Report and file any claims with insurance providers
  • Maintaining insurance with competitive pricing
  • Track equipment warranties

Code compliance:

  • All work done as per DOB code. Trades are all licensed and insured.


  • Construction management and supervision. In house design/architectural services. Competitive bid pricing.
  • DOORtoDOORrealty also offers General construction services. We have built Low to mid rise apartment buildings and know the process to building and maintaining a high performance building.


  • No tolerance for non-payment of rent. Our team responds immediately with the eviction process