Pavillion Hill Terrace

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The renaissance of ‘downtowns’ throughout the nation has captured the attention of architects, developers, municipalities and residents alike. In Staten Island, any number of measures are underway to sustain and ensure the ongoing renewal of vibrant, established communities. Key among these measures are the recently passed rezonings in Stapleton, St George and Tompkinsville in the North Shore.

The site is part of the historic Pavillion Hill overlooking Tompkinsville, the community named after the United States’ sixth Vice President, Daniel D. Tompkins, and New York Harbor. Both a part of the quiet enclave of one-and two-family attached and detached houses found at the top of the hill, and part of a bustling downtown retail hub at the foot of the hill comprised, for the most part, of three-to five-story attached buildings with ground floor retail. This setting is unique for a Staten Island property and one that presents exciting opportunities for the owners and the community.

The development parcel is a 24,355 square feet lot located on the hillside between Tompkins Circle and Downtown Staten Island. This location allows convenient nearby shopping as it has frontage along Van Duzer Street and St Pauls Avenue, and easy access to Victory Boulevard, at the foot of the hill. It is a steeply sloping site with mature trees, among them maples and oaks. The characteristics of the site raise exciting challenges and create unique design opportunities for innovative residential living.

The site is a dramatic and steeply sloping parcel with breathtaking views. It drops nearly 80 feet from the top of the hill at Tompkins Circle to Van Duzer Street. This portion of the site, at Van Duzer Street, 25 feet wide by 80 feet deep, once had a three-story building and is surrounded by zero lot line buildings. All of the adjacent buildings are built on narrow lots along the street line creating a uniform street wall that constitutes one of the most important features of the Tompkinsville town center. This portion of the site is flat with an existing retaining wall at the rear and contains no vegetation. It faces east by northeast toward the New York Harbor.

Pavillion Hill Terrace will be fully integrated into the surroundings of this vital North Shore setting and animate the streetscape and the 12-foot wide sweeping staircase at the rear by making them more welcoming and user friendly. In partnership with the City the owners desire to physically upgrade the staircase with new lighting, paving and fencing so that it becomes an attractive component of the site and a desirable amenity for the residents of Tompkins Circle.

‘The Hill’ will build upon the changes initiated by private and public sector initiatives and provide much needed new housing and a boost to the artistic community in Tompkinsville and St George. This mixed-use development avails itself of cutting-edge green technology, including the extensive use of a vibrant, living “green” wall, system on the exterior facade of the building as well as rooftop gardens, storm water and “gray” water reclamation, renewable forest lumber, and sun screening and other devices to reduce heat gain. The design and development team plans to meet or exceed the City and State energy requirements, consistent with all their projects.


LOCATION: The site is situated at the intersection of St Pauls Avenue, Victory Boulevard and Van Duzer Street. It is just minutes away from the Staten Island Railway and Ferry Terminal in St. George. Pavillion Hill is also located just north of the St Pauls Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District. Tompkinsville is an integral part of the ongoing renaissance of Downtown Staten Island and across the street from a large development parcel designated for development of a “pencil tower” by the Department of City Planning. Refer to Appendix ‘D’ for more information about Pavillion Hill Terrace’s proximity to neighborhood features and amenities.

EXCELLENT DESIGN AND LAYOUT: Human scale of the six-story structure has a welcoming feel with features that catch the eye, add variety and include generous balconies. Its density reflects the characteristics of the Tompkinsville neighborhood with its small-town qualities and the pedestrian traffic of its sidewalks inviting conversation and chance encounters between neighbors, retailers
and visitors.

The hilltop earth house is comfortable and efficient yet expansive by virtue of the views of the harbor, the St George hillside and the magnificent architecture of its civic center and Lower Manhattan. The one-family house is simultaneously private and secluded surrounded by trees and accessible from the exclusive Tompkins Circle at the top of the hill.

UNIQUE TOPOGRAPHY: The hill drops nearly 80 feet down from Tompkins Circle to Van Duzer Street and Victory Boulevard. This abrupt and dramatic slope provides a unique development opportunity that preserves most of the land by redeveloping the previously built section at the foot of the hill along Van Duzer with a new infill building that replaces a tired and deteriorated, now demolished, three-story building. It also preserves the breathtaking views residents at the top of the hill have enjoyed for years while enabling new residents to enjoy the same benefits.

EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: The future is bright for Downtown Staten Island. Pavillion Hill Terrace is an integral part of the renaissance of this great community. Door-to-Door Realty, LLC has identified a unique property and has brought together the right professional team to help realize its potential.

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