New Kid On The Block

in Portfolio

With the purchase and razing of a certain 1852 East Village townhouse still fresh in some people’s minds Door To Door Realty proudly introduced the new face of 532 East 5th Street. Our original plan was to renovate and refurbish the townhouse that once stood on that spot but as we proceeded it became apparent that, disappointing as it was, preserving the original structure was simply not feasible.

The modern, glassy design of this new 10-unit apartment building certainly stands out as the new kid on the block, but we are no less excited about what we bring to our tenants on the inside: the comfort and security of technology combined with quality of life aspects not always found in a rental – think rooftop gardens and private balconies with room to move.

While the new face of 532 E. 5th is a far removed from the traditional brownstone expression, this new addition to the nabe sits already as home to some, while laying out a new chapter in the story of everyone acquainted with the East Village.

For more details on the development of this brand new residence visit our website’s Portfolio page.

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