Monessen: Split Decision & The Reality

in Monessen Rising

By Shawn Crosby
Split decision, split ideas…what would Constantine do? A new Coke Plant? The Mill will re-open? Reality is the most important factor. Where we are and where we want to be. Now to be fair, I have got some new information since penning this, which I will cover in my next in line writing.Let me take you for a short jaunt back to my youth. Back to Monessen when you went to Hills to buy those big thick combs that went in your back pocket as you skated around the pigglywiggly hoping to get a couples skate. We were 10. What did we know of a couple skate? At 40 what do I know of the future of Monessen. At the presentation meeting that I was invited to, I was invited to come back to the City Council meeting. I stayed long after everyone was gone and spoke with the Mayor. I then stayed long after that and had quite a conversation with John Harhai in his office. Dearest Reader, I am sorry, I got off track a bit. I went from Hills to the present. Let us back a moment. If I re-wind myself even earlier I see many mornings.

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