Monessen Midtown Redevelopment Project

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Monessen is continuing to make progress on its redevelopment project. Here is a glimpse at some of the goals and ideas that are guiding the process.

Download pdf of Riverfront Siteplan Concept

Guiding Principles

A guiding principle of this redevelopment plan is sustainability. Sustainability will be achieved through a coordinated initiative that encompasses preservation of the historic fabric, conservation of the City’s resources generation of additional resources for City use, energy efficiency, the inter-connection of public spaces and communities, as well as social equity and environmental remediation.

The City shall promote a city-wide culture of sustainability to keep it safe from harm, conserve resources, and renew itself. Ultimately, this rich mixture of infrastructure improvements, housing programs, public and private investments, economic and urban renewal plans, and cultural and historic districts, deeply rooted in principles of sustainability and inter-connectedness, will place the City of Monessen in a leadership role in the education and incorporation of sustainable practices.

The Monessen of the future aims to be a city redeveloped with an integrated and holistic planning approach, creating policies and “green” infrastructure capable of responding to multiple needs simultaneously. Environmental goals and planning for Monessen’s future include better energy efficiency, reduction of the City’s carbon foot-print through the initiation of programs to attract environmentally friendly businesses and emerging green technologies, enforcement of clean-ups by existing industries and businesses, and adoption of “green” building standards.

Revitalization Strategy

A.    General Strategies

  • enhance networks of human activity and economic development
  • initiate a city-wide culture of sustainable practices
  • connect city to riverfront and enhance neighborhood linkages
  • enhance image of city with parks, recreational spaces and places
  • create and promote a cultural destination
  • establish an urban renewal demonstration project
  • protect existing historic resources and enhance attractiveness of the city
  • strengthen tax base and increase stability of downtown core
  • increase accessibility and pedestrian activity
  • attract new investment, artists and creative capital
  • assure that residents participate in planning for their future
  • promote health of Monessen

B.  Sustainable Framework

  • Environmental actions and programs
  • Energy efficiency

C.  Culture, Arts and Education

  • Arts and cultural district
  • Artists’ housing program

D.  Significant Buildings and Key Development Sites

Monessen’s identity, past and future, is rooted in its diversity and the nature in which the City was created. Late 19th Century architecture intertwined with the need for quick, efficient housing, business and factory space and places of worship, all with access to open recreational space, resulted in a cohesive architectural style. This architecture remains visible today, one of the City’s strongest assets. A number of the most significant buildings have been identified, and those within, or close to, The Plan’s Third Street Plaza have been programmed with appropriate new occupancies.

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