Special Kill Van Kull Maritime Arts District

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A full-service design/build firm, DOORtoDOORrealty has been your neighbor on the North Shore for more than a decade. Over the past year, DoortoDoor has been working with the growth management task force, city officials and elected representatives to plan the Special Kill Van Kull Maritime and Arts District. We are intimately involved in this project, ready and able to answer any questions.

As a full-service real estate firm, Gateway Arms has served Kill Van Kull neighborhoods for two generations. We are involved in the community and have earned the trust, confidence and loyalty of local businesses and homeowners alike.

For more than 30 years, we have actively managed, sold, and helped buy local properties here. No one knows better than us the personal value you have in your home or business, and we are highly skilled at setting a realistic market price to help you fully realize that value when selling.

Working together, our companies encourage a District that supports a thriving artist community, stimulates commerce, and empowers outdoor areas with safer, cleaner streets. At the same time, we support local historical features and promote relations among residents, industrial/maritime concerns and other property owners.This project can mean a significant change in your property’s value, and may present you with other opportunities. We urge you to contact either of our companies directly now.

DOORtoDOORrealty: 718-556-7866 George Christo
Gateway Arms Realty: 718-273-3800 ext.17 Robert Fitzsimmons Jr.

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