Opening opportunities

for every type of real estate investor.

We serve real estate investors at multiple levels, welcome individual and institutional investors. Our portfolio includes management companies, individuals directing their own IRA’s, real estate firms, construction contractors, corporate investors, homeowners, foreign investors seeking EB5 Visa benefits.
At any given time, we offer a number of opportunities, suited to various investing needs. Each DOORtoDOOR project is a collaboration between us, our investors, and our buyers. or residents.
Just as we’re able to match tenants to properties right for them, we’re able to match properties to our investors’ needs for income, growth, or a combination of both.  Because we build only in stable growing areas, one project spawns others. This makes a range of properties available in locations ripe for ongoing development.
The following past projects exemplify the three basic arrangements for return on your investment. Arrangements can be modified, if necessary, to meet your needs precisely.

Interest Return:

In effect, it is a collateralized loan.  You lend us money to build. We build. We return your principal with interest.

Residual Return:

You invest in a project. We build and rent or sell the units. You receive residual income from the rentals.

Combination Return:

You invest in a project. We build and rent it. We repay you once the property is mortgaged, and you also receive residual income, a percentage of ongoing rents as they’re received.

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