All the world comes to Staten Island.
Including investors from around the globe.

The fastest-growing borough in America’s largest city.

The Staten Island Ferry is New York’s third most popular tourist attraction, sailing past both Ellis and Liberty Islands on its way to New York’s booming borough. But most of the ferry’s 21 million yearly rides are taken by Staten Island residents.

And every year, more people choose to make Staten Island their home.
Throughout the past decade, Staten Island has undergone a true renaissance, offering:
Cultural vitality and a growing nightlife
The Staten Island Yankees – a championship A-League team
Robust development in the North Shore’s Tompkinsville and the St. George waterside, where carefully planned development preserves and enhances the quality of life
A grand view that even Manhattan residents don’t have – the view of Manhattan itself.

NYC’s richest per-capita income.

With an average household income of  nearly $90K, Staten Island is New York City’s richest borough per capita. Staten Islanders have money to spend on condos and rentals, and they are quick to recognize the value they seek.

Growing development. Growing diversity.

Staten Island’s population has grown more than 7.5% overall since 2000, compared to 4.4% for the city overall.  Not only does Staten Island hold appeal for New Yorkers in other boroughs (especially Manhattanites seeking more space and better value), it draws people relocating from all over the world. For them, Staten Island offers the benefits of Manhattan, yet feels more like home.

Diversified options for NYC living.

Staten Island offers a full range of rental price points, including affordable and stylish apartments for young people just starting out. It also appeals to couples and families seeking the benefits of New York City, but wanting to live in a suburban-style community.

In addition, there are the people who want simply want luxury housing they can afford. Staten Island, and DOORtoDOOR, can satisfy all of these prospects.

There’s no need for any of them to settle for the hassles and confinement of Manhattan life. Staten Island life has a broad, solid foundation, with wonderful resources, and a great future, making it an excellent place to invest.

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