Environmentally-Conscious Park Avenue

in Green Initiatives

270 Park Avenue (via gbNYC.com)

Aside from the potentially-incongruous idea of Park Avenue going green, three things about the renovations at No. 270 struck me as quite amazing.

(1) Rain water runoff collected in the massive 54,000-gallon basement tank and used for landscaping and toilets will save 1 million gallons of water every year. One million? Does that much rain fall on a single building in Manhattan in the course of a year? Business idea: Park Avenue Bottled Water.

(2) In renovations 990,000 square feet of old carpeting was recycled. Excellent work folks, there are now 990,000 kindergartners who don’t have to kneel on the linoleum during story time. LEED application slogan: 270 Park Avenue – Saving children’s knees!

(3) ‘New floor designs and layout give 85 percent of employees natural daylight at their desks, with more than 92 percent having exterior views.’ Which means 8% of those who get a job at this swanky address are relegated to a broom closet. Probably a nice one though.

Seriously, the initiatives taken in renovating this 52-story building are impressive. And, we hope, a harbinger of things to come for our great city.

Thank you Stephen Del Percio and gbNYC for bringing us this piece.

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