Artist Relocation Opportunity in Monessen

in Monessen Rising

Artists win when they relocate

Are you an artist looking for a better lifestyle?

An artist relocation program can be the answer.

It’s working for Paducah, Kentucky, one of America’s first, modern, relocation programs for artists. A booming art scene and stable economy make Paducah a fine choice for a relocating artist.

Or, check Oil City, Pennsylvania, where wonderful, two-story homes sell for under $50,000 and financing is still easy for working artists.

Across the U.S., artists are relocating to live their dreams and succeed as full-time artists.

Cities win with artist relocation programs

Boosting tourism is one reason why cities and towns want to attract artists.

Towns with faltering economies and empty houses are finding new energy when they create artist relocation programs.

Struggling locations renew with a new image, and well-known arts communities soar to even greater heights as emerging and recognized artists move in.

Paducah, KY, is just one success story.

Chattanooga, TN, has also revitalized with its artist relocation program, now in its third stage.

These are just two examples among a growing list of exciting programs for artists… and the communities that welcome them.

By making it easy for artists to qualify for mortgages on homes that are already low priced, everyone wins.

Artists win because they have a home with pride of ownership. Affordable housing also allows them to focus on their careers full-time, and attract local, national and international attention.

The community benefits when derelict homes are purchased and fixed up.

They also reap the financial rewards as artists set up galleries in previously empty storefronts, and transform the downtown to a thriving, exciting place to visit.

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