About Us

2-4 St Pauls Avenue, SI

DOORtoDOORrealty,llc builds more than buildings. We create quality, stylish housing available to people of various income levels.  We help build communities, and enable them to grow.  Our goal is to make a difference.

Working with City Planners, our Investors, other Developers -and employing our unique inspiration- we achieve our goal of bringing about effective, positive change.

DOORtoDOORrealty,llc portfolio ranges from Commercial Properties to Residential Homes. Focusing on low-cost, high-impact, no-fee apartment rentals, D2D has gradually expanded to encompass large residential high-end projects from the North Shore of Staten to Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

George ChristoGeorge Christo, Founder and CEO of DOORtoDOORrealty,llc, originally Brooklyn native, was inspired while commuting to Wall Street on the Staten Island Ferry.

George has been acquiring and developing property on the North Shore of Staten Island for over 10 years. His rental approach to the market has been rewarding to his investors year over year. George’s knowledge of finance combined with his skill of construction enable DOORtoDOORrealty,llc to be a full-service, no fee real estate firm.

Sabrina Hamilton

Sabrina Hamilton heads the DOORtoDOORrealty,llc design team with her visions.

Sabrina came to New York in 1999 after earning an architectural degree at the University of Louisiana of Lafayette. She landed in St. George after working for a high-end NYC-based design firm. Her concepts feature clean lines, environmentally friendly designs, warm colors, and practical layouts, giving each unit a true sense of comfort and distinction. Sabrina’s vision has strongly impacted the building industry across the North Shore of Staten Island.

Now seen in every aspect of the real estate marketplace, George and Sabrina’s work has become a signature of innovation for the 21st Century.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of Land for Acquisitions
  • Determination of Project Feasibility
  • Design Architectural Services
  • Site Development
  • General Construction
    • Excavation
    • Demolition
    • Underpinning
    • Steel Frame Foundations
    • Brick/ Block Curtain Wall Buildings
    • A Wide Range of Interior Finishes
  • Product Placement