A Glimpse of Staten Island in N.Carolina

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By the time I’d hauled all our bags up to our hotel room my wife had the kids – crazy as dogs after being trapped in the car all afternoon – sitting at the window table with a mess of crayons and some paper. The calm, I knew, wouldn’t last long. So I dove into the book on the other table: A Look at Asheville. The first paragraph of the first page I opened to went like this:

“In the early ‘90s, something magical happened. A few trailblazers found their way to downtown Asheville, which had been in a slumber for several years, and the renaissance began. Slowly the abandoned storefronts sprang to life, many of them rehabbed to their original glory. Former retail spaces were converted into studios and galleries, with music halls and art house movie theaters opening as well. Soon, boutiques moved in alongside, and world-renowned chefs brought their culinary skills to town, mixing international flavors with traditional Southern cuisine.”

The Rebirth of Downtown goes on to outline the development Asheville has undergone through the past two decades, the explosion of the art scene this development ignited, and the many subsequent accolades Asheville has received, from Fodor’s, The Huffington Post and Outside magazine to name but a few. I couldn’t believe my luck; not only was I going to be immersing myself in all this over the next couple of days, but now I didn’t have to think up an opening for my first post as the new blogger for Door to Door Realty.

Those who know George Christo and Sabrina Hamilton of D2D can attest to their passion for the development of the arts, imbued in their commitment to the renewal of Staten Island’s North Shore. ‘There’s a movement across the globe,’ George will tell you, ‘that St. George is a part of.’ Some people can see it happening, even now in its earliest stages. More will catch on in the coming years. And someday, in the not-too-distant-future, there will be a book on a table in a hotel room overlooking St. George and the North Shore and the Manhattan skyline with an article that starts something like this:

“In the early 2000s, something magical happened. A few trailblazers found their way to Staten Island…”

(Posted by Kevin Kato, D2D Realty’s newest contributing blogger.)

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