532 East 5th Street

in Portfolio

This started as a brown stone restoration with a horizontal and vertical enlargement. The structural integrity of the building made it cost prohibitive to save. So the complete removal of the building was necessary. The erection of a new building featuring quality housing 10 unit residential building with roof decks, balconies and bi-level apartments.  It features a DURO-LAST roofing system, high efficiency mechanical units, appliances, elevator and key FOB entry for all apartments. This building renders quality living and building technology that minimizes management costs. The properties we construct are tailored for portfolios. The importance of quality, sustainable materials and craftsmanship adds to the return on investment……………………….

Our Designers approach the interior space of our projects as if they were to live there. At DOORtoDOOR it’s customary for our designers to live in our apartments and identify the needs of the occupant. Qualified tenants deserve qualified management.

Living in an inner city with tall buildings on every block can make you feel gray at times especially with just 2  hours of sun on some streets. Offering Green areas and access to living roof tops maximizes the quality of life in our buildings. Happy tenants is reflected throughout the whole property management process. That’s why we put our best foot forward with a NO FEE RENTAL policy..

This is a work in progress of a common roof garden area. The structural steel was erected through the roof area to create an architectural element. There will be a paver system and lighting to enhance these features at the same time provide lighting for nighttime events.  For ease of access we have roof top access from the elevator that’s covered with plastic in the back ground.

The most exciting part of what we do is the finishes. But in order to reach our goal we need good foundation.

This building has a waterproof membrane with a 3 ft slab of concrete in the basement. There’s close to 350 yards of concrete in this foundation.

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