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DOORtoDOORrealty,llc builds more than buildings. We create quality, stylish housing available to people of various income levels. We help build communities, and enable them to grow. Our goal is to make a difference.

Recent Work

New Kid On The Block
With the purchase and razing of a certain 1852 East Village townhouse still fresh in some people’s minds Door To Door Realty proudly introduced the new face of 532 East 5th Street. Our original plan was to renovate and refurbish the townhouse that once stood on that spot but as we proceeded it became ap…
532 East 5th Street
This started as a brown stone restoration with a horizontal and vertical enlargement. The structural integrity of the building made it cost prohibitive to save. So the complete removal of the building was necessary. The erection of a new building featuring quality housing 10 unit residential b…

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Recent News

City of Monessen Development Initiatives Phase One
Island Real Estate Development Firm DOORtoDOOR Launches New Property Management Division
Thompkinsville-based firm banks on its experience and reputation for helping communities run smoothly STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — DOORtoDOOR Realty, a real estate and community-development company known for its innovative revitalization of neighborhoods in New York City, has expanded into the pr…

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